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Top Reasons Your Site Is Being Ignored

SEO Agency

You have worked hard on your website and spent hours creating lots of pages containing all the information you have about your business. You set it to go live, only to have no visitors, and none the next day, or over the course of the next week either. Where have you gone wrong? Here are just a few of the top mistakes made by companies who don’t employ the services of a top SEO agency.

The first reason any SEO company will tell you that your site is being ignored is because it cannot be found. Few people ever click past the first page of results on their search engine, so if you are not high up there, you won’t be found. Even if you are on the first page, you reduce your chances of visits if your site doesn’t appear at the top half of the page. Because it’s here that you are automatically in the eyeline of the viewer without any further action being needed on their part. To achieve this, you need a professional SEO agency to create content that is more than simply stuffed full of keywords. You need content that is useful, interesting and has keywords in the right places. The algorithms used by search engines like Google are constantly refined to take a more rounded view of the webpages hosted on their search engine. However, even when you manage to get someone to visit your site through search engine optimization, there is still the chance that they will click straight out and try the next result on the list. One of the main reasons this happens is loading times. Web searchers aren’t known for their patience. If your page doesn’t load instantly, on whatever platform or device it is being viewed on, then that’s a visitor you have lost, possibly never to return.

SEO experts will tell you that poor menus and page layouts that are far from user-friendly will also hold you back. But, even if you overcome all these obstacles, there is still at least one stumbling block left, and that’s your content. It won’t matter how good your website looks if the content on your page is pointless, misleading, poorly written or just boring. Great content makes your visitor think they are missing out on something that only you can provide. It gives them information, or teaches them something they didn’t even realize they didn’t know. Just as importantly, it engages them and holds their interest. One thing your content shouldn’t do is simply advertise your products. It should also inform and encourage. So, good web text will tell the visitor all the reasons why their life would be better with a certain type of product. Only then, once the visitor is hooked on the idea, should it mention that your company sells that product and that it can be bought with ease with a simple click. Content should also encourage trust in the company by providing information on who you are; what your experience is; and who has successfully used your product or service before.

Of course, you could try to do all of this yourself, but why would you? The time and effort needed to achieve this, unless you are an expert from an SEO agency, is enormous and takes away from other aspects of your business that need your attention just as much, if not more.

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