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What Services Should I Look For In An SEO Company?

At one time, all most website owners wanted from an SEO company was keyword analysis and inclusion of the best ones in the text on their website. Of course, SEO has always been a little more complex than this. Nowadays, specialist companies offer far more comprehensive services. So, what skills or services should you be looking for to help your website - and your business – to succeed online?

Naturally, the right keywords are still important, as these are the tools that will see your site rank more highly in the search results. If you want that all-important number one slot, or at least to appear on the first or second page, then you are looking for on-page optimization services. The right SEO company researches and applies the words and phrases that are most likely to resonate with your website’s viewers, first and foremost. But those words also need to be correctly positioned across your pages to signal to the search engines that this is valuable, informative content to answer potential customers’ queries. Next, check the agency offers link building. Don’t necessarily be wowed by the company that promises a high volume of links: in this game, quality is more important than quantity. Look for guarantees that any links will be to high quality, authoritative sources. Google and the other search engines value relevant, trusted and shareworthy content over dubious or irrelevant links, no matter how many there are. The third must-have when it comes to your SEO company services provision is content marketing. Check out the quality of what is on their own website – it’s a good indicator of the kind of content your readers will see if this agency works for you.

Those are the three basics, and the majority of SEO agencies offer such services. But this is just part of the story. A more comprehensive, skilled SEO company understands that these three services need to be tied into a wider online marketing strategy. So, what else should you expect? Not the agency that promises instant results, that’s for sure! Reliable and efficient SEO experts know that the best way to climb up the rankings is organically. Check that your SEO will be enacted as part of a longer-term campaign that builds on your online optimization, link building and content marketing. One essential for doing this is outreach and social media management. You may well have great content, but you need people to see it. You therefore want your ideal SEO company to promote you beyond your own website by advertising your messages through a range of social media forums, from Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn to Google+. They all have different audiences and purposes, so using them effectively increases your own potential target market. Finally, for maximum impact, your website content needs to be constantly refreshed and newsworthy, so the company that offers blogging and the writing, issuing and sharing of press releases is a must.

Find an SEO company that offers all this and backs it up with a proven track record of success, and you are well on your way up the rankings to the highest echelons of Google and the other major search engines.

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