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The Qualities That All SEO Experts Should Have

SEO Experts

A quick search online for an SEO expert will bring up numerous pages of results. Anyone can call themselves an expert, but how do you differentiate between those that are worth their fee, and those that will simply keep costing you money over the long term? One way to do this is by knowing what qualities to expect from any SEO experts you think of hiring.

One of the most important qualities to look for is knowledge of SEO. Search engine optimization is about much more than keyword stuffing, and any expert that does not know or understand the subtleties should be immediately discounted. This should include areas such as understanding the importance of local searches and the different on-page elements that are required to improve search rankings and analytics. However, they should also have knowledge and understanding of the importance of responsiveness for mobile devices, content development, link building, keyword development and reputation management. After all, if you are easy to find but only have a negative online presence, you are unlikely to improve your visitor numbers or conversion rates. Any SEO agency expert that makes it to your short list should also understand Pay-Per-Click advertising. Not only should they know how it works, but also when it should be used and when it is best avoided. Search engine optimization isn’t just about the obvious elements either; a quality SEO company will also have practical knowledge of the less obvious but related fields.

Such fields include website creation and modification. There is little point in hiring SEO experts that know everything there is to know about analytics and keyword building, but have never built a website before. Of course, if you are hiring a team, then these different skills may be spread across a number of people, and that is fine. But at least one member of the team should have the know-how to create and modify websites, ensuring that they are up to date, user friendly and provide the best possible user experience at all times. This includes being able to do the work quickly and efficiently to minimize down time. The actual content on your website should be another area that you look at in terms of the expertise your SEO specialist has. Google and other search engines pay as much attention to the quality of content as they do the quantity and number of keywords that are included. The SEO agencies that you approach should understand this. They should be able to provide examples of content that they have produced that offers visitors valuable information and that is engaging, as well as which encourages them to buy your product or services.

These are just a few of the qualities that your SEO experts should have. Additionally, there are the personal qualities you need to consider, including a good work ethic, a passion for the work, and the ability to communicate effectively with you and the rest of your team. In many ways, communication is the cornerstone, without which none of the other qualities listed here will matter at all.

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